Changing HaemophiliaTM


Changing Haemophilia™ is a Novo Nordisk initiative covering all our work towards a future where everyone living with haemophilia, with or without inhibitors, can lead the life they wish.

HERO: Improving outcomes in haemophilia
HERO (Haemophilia Experiences, Results and Opportunities) is the largest ever global multidisciplinary study focussed on improving the understanding and awareness of the psychosocial aspects of life with haemophilia. Funded by Novo Nordisk and involving more than 1200 people in 11 countries, HERO was designed to improve outcomes by using the findings to promote better psychosocial support.

The Buddy Awards
People living with bleeding disorders and their carers often feel isolated because of the widespread lack of awareness of the everyday challenges they face. In response, Novo Nordisk worked with the Tunisia & Libya Haemophilia Society to create the Buddy Awards, which celebrate the vital support provided by the friends, teachers, nurses, siblings, carers and families of children with bleeding disorders. The children nominate a 'Buddy' who makes their life with haemophilia easier; 34 awards have been presented so far. The programme has succeeded in raising public and political awareness since it was launched at the Houses of Parliament in 2011.