Changing Diabetes®

Novo Nordisk is committed to improving the lives of people living with diabetes. We take an innovative approach by addressing the challenges of diabetes as a whole, working with doctors, nurses and patient organisations to empower people with diabetes to self-manage their condition and improve their long-term health.

Specialist expertise for primary care

Novo Nordisk has a team of full-time diabetes specialist nurses who train and support healthcare professionals in managing people with diabetes. The Novo Nordisk-funded MERIT™ (Meeting Educational Requirements, Improving Treatment) course is a modular training programme that gives GPs and practice nurses the opportunity to improve their knowledge of diabetes so they can better help their patients living with the condition.

Researching people’s wider needs

Novo Nordisk’s DAWN™ (Diabetes Attitudes, Wishes and Needs) study was the first large scale global survey of the psychosocial aspects of living with diabetes. Involving more than 5,000 people with diabetes and almost 4,000 care providers, the study was designed to identify the barriers to optimal health and quality of life. The DAWN2™ follow-up study completed in 2012 involved more than 15,000 people living with, or caring for, those with diabetes in 17 countries on four continents.