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Physical activity offers a range of benefits to patients with haemophilia beyond general health and wellbeing. Haemophilia-specific benefits include increased muscle strength and range of motion, reduced bleeding frequency and less pain1,2. Specific exercises that address strength, balance and flexibility help patients participate in physical activity.

The TalkingJoints exercise resource is designed to meet the need for materials in a digital format to help facilitate HCP/patient discussion around exercise and joint health. It is based on the existing TalkingJoints 'let's talk exercise' booklet, and was developed with input from expert healthcare professionals. The resource provides a unique, interactive tool to allow healthcare professionals to:

  • Develop a personalised programme from a range of key exercises suitable for patients with haemophilia to carry out at home - including strength, balance and flexibility options
  • Review computer-generated animations of key exercises -  including the 'patient's eye view' and points to note
  • Print reference information for the exercise, allowing HCPs to tailor the instructions to the patient's needs and capabilities


Watch our animations for exercises to help maintain:


"The great thing about the digital exercise resource is how the animations are tailored for patients with haemophilia. For example, we worked hard to ensure that the films illustrate realistic body positions and joint range of motion, and capture the points to be aware of when explaining how to do the exercise safely to optimise results. I look forward to using this with my patients."

Paul McLaughlin, Specialist Physiotherapist, London





Note: patients should consult their healthcare professional before commencing any of the described exercise activities.


1. Negrier C et al. Haemophilia 2013; 19(4):487-98;

2. Gomis Met al. Haemophilia 2009; 15:43-54.


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