Djerba Summer Camp 2018

During this July, The House of diabetes of Sfax organized the Djerba Summer Camp 2018 in close partnership with the house of Diabetes of Djerba,

It was a great initiative by the Club of Young Diabetics of Sfax to promote healthy lifestyle for young diabetics, to share experiences and an occasion to enjoy the summer all together!

Djerba Summer

Last years’ summer camp was in the Island of Kerkennah and regrouped young diabetics from the house of diabetes from Sfax. This year’s edition is the first close collaboration between the House of Diabetes of Sfax and the House of Diabetes of Djerba.

The 14 participants are originally from Sfax and Djerba, with an age range between 15 years old and 21 years old, were involved in a set of diversified activities during the 3 days’ camp: dietetic workshops, first aid workshop and daily self-monitoring workshops. The workshops were animated by Novo Nordisk therapeutic educator with the presence of some HCPs Healthcare professionals of both House of Diabetes of Sfax and Djerba.

Djerba Summer 2

During this summer camp, the group of youngsters officially elected new patients experts. They will be new focal points to assist both House of Diabetes in the accompaniment of new patients. The young participants enjoyed also the sunny beaches of Djerba along with games and trips to nearby places as the flamingo island.

Novo Nordisk Tunisia has been supporting the House of Diabetes of Sfax, Djerba and Tunis for three years and encouraging the diversification of their activities to help people living with diabetes to enjoy their lives, and to offer a nurturing and safe environment for the younger ones. 

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