#Hacking_diabetes press conference : spotlight on the winning teams!

The Hacking Diabetes adventure isn’t over yet!
As Novo Nordisk Tunisia is acting as an innovative company in the e-health network in Tunisia, it is important to keep up the rhythm and involve more and more partners to create a solid network to engage change in the field of healthcare.

The adventure “Hacking Diabetes” continues for the NN Team and the winners of the Hackathon, as they all gathered together for a press conference with the main lay media in Tunisia to speak about Hacking Diabetes or in a more simple way; bringing innovation and new technologies to the patient daily life to make it better!

The two teams, Diabmeeties and Diachain, first dropped in the offices of Novo Nordisk Tunisia to discuss more the impact of their project on the e-health in Tunisia and to meet the Novo Nordisk Tunisia teams and employees!

Hacking diabetes

The press conference was an opportunity to introduce the two teams to the major lay media and to initiate the conversation about the importance of new technologies and digital platform to provide an optimized and closer medical care to people with diabetes.

Mohamed Larbi Jelassi, Market Access and Public Affairs Manager and Firas Elhdhili, PSP Manager, emphasized on the importance of this approach; with more than 46% of Tunisians having access to internet and more than 41% on smartphones, offering healthcare services through digital platform is becoming a necessity to improve the medical care for diabetes and to have a wider reach. As it is known, a better patient’s care reduces the complications of diabetes on the long term.

The digital technologies are also a good tool to raise awareness for the general public about diabetes, healthy habits and how to prevent non- chronic diseases like hypertension and obesity.

Hacking diabetes

The two winning teams then presented their wining projects to the media; Diabmeeties, a social media for people with diabetes and Diachain, an IA that assists HCPs to optimize their treatment. Afterward, they answered all the questions from the concepts of the projects, how they are going to implement them, to the studies of the young winners and their aspirations as youngsters in the field of e-health.

The press conference brought light on the importance of new technologies and the added value it can have in a field like healthcare.

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