Novo Nordisk Tunisia certified #1 Best pharmaceutical company to work in the annual “Best Places to Work” program Tunisia 2019

Novo Nordisk Tunisia is ranked as first best pharmaceutical company to work in, in Tunisia for the year 2019 and the second-Best Place to Work in the overall ranking!

Providing high quality treatment for diabetes and haemophilia in Tunisia for more than 35 years and implemented for 15 years in Tunisia, Novo Nordisk Tunisia is the only pharmaceutical company to appear in the Top 5 of Best Places to Work this year.

Novo Nordisk Tunisia stands out from other competitors thanks to its unique stamp, such as the close relation between the management team and employees through an internal communication in perfect synergy with the company values, the follow up over the well-being of employees via regular and innovative teambuildings and finally an environmental policy based on the reduction of waste production in compliance with the  Triple Bottom Line .

Novo_Nordisk _in_brief

More than these strong assets, Novo Nordisk Tunisia also features a unique approach for people management with an employee-centric approach and by ensuring their development through a performance system based on constructive and continuous feedback; it also ensures equality between employees as gender equality and equal pay.

The values ​​of the company are thus lived daily, and the employees become their ambassadors.

Novo Nordisk Tunisia obtained an overall score of 87.4%, with all scores above 81%, the highest levels were achieved in the areas of social and societal responsibility, social benefits as well as the quality and organizational excellence.

Best Places to Work is a world-renowned certification that evaluates companies on specific topics such as personal development of employees, good practices in human resources, employer and employee engagement, leadership coherence, workplace dynamics, corporate social responsibility, compensation and benefits.

It is undeniable that the certification of "Best Place to Work Tunisia 2019" is a pride for everyone within the company and a motivation to crystallize even more the values ​​of the company internally and externally.

Novo Nordisk in brief