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Le mois Tunisien du Diabète 2.0

Pour la deuxième année consécutive, Novo Nordisk Tunisie lance le Mois Tunisien du Diabète 2.0 avec plus de 12 événements et 10 000 citoyens présents . Le mois Tunisien du diabète 2.0 est l’occasion pour Novo Nordisk pour apporter son support à ses partenaires, STEDIAM, maison du diabète de Tunis, maison du diabète de Sfax pour changer le diabète en Tunisie . 


Press meeting #KnowYourRisk #WhistleBlow

Novo Nordisk and the major actors of diabetes care will be answering press inquiries concerning diabetes and risk.

Office Olympics, Internal launch #FightTheRisk

Two teams from NN’s staff will challenge each other during several sport challenges, together engaged to fight the risk.

SFAX Nov 11th #KnowYourRiskThroughArt #Clubs #Arts #Positivity #Awarness

Diabetic clubs belonging to “Maison du diabète”, Music, Art, dance…in Miami center.

Tunis, Northern urban center, Nov 12. La santé en marche #KnowYourRiskDT2 #HealtyLifeStyle #ActiveSundays #SportsInTheMidtown

Promoting a healthy life style, with this set of activities turning this business city in a sports and disease awareness area; 600 attendants are already registered….activities will include Zumba, RPM, Running, Culinary workshops, information and screening posts…

Tunis, Young diabetics and art, Nov 12, in B’chira art center #KnowYourRiskDT1#Young #Art

With young diabetics association ATAJED, younger diabetics will experiment in this outdoor art center for animations, culinary workshops, injection technics reminder, paintings and will profit of our educators experience for further information and advices, a screening will be offered to all attendants.

Open days in House of diabetes Nov14th #KnowYourRisk #AssociativeSupport #BeInformed

An open day in this main center and diabetes awarness major actor in Tunis, during this day, attendants can visit house of diabetes, know more about its activities, be screened for diabetes, and share all their inquiries with NN’s educators and voluntary HCPs

Screening day in Dar Allouche Kelibia, Nov 18 #KnowYourRiskWhereEveryOuare

A screening and disease awareness day in an isolated region on the eastern Tunisian coasts, activity supported by the regional hospital of Kelibia


Through partnerships engaged between Novo Nordisk and medico social departments of several companies, no less than 8000 employees will be screened on their work place during 10 days of activities on the month of November.

GPs training on women and diabetes, Nov 25 #KnowYourRisk #WomenDiabetes

In collaboration with Tunisian anti diabetes league, this scientific manifestation will host 100 Gps from all the country for this focus on gestational diabetes and women diabetes

Pharmacists training on patient education, dec 6th #knowYourRiskInYourPharmacy

70 pharmacists will attend these workshops sessions, 3 topics will be developed and they will be trained on patient education, nutritional education bases, and injection recommendations and technics through 3 workshops.

#KnowYourRisk  #MoisTunisienDuDiabète  #MTD2.0  #FightTheRisk #ChangingDiabetes

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